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Exeqtech Ltd is an Engineering firm founded in 1982 in Trinidad with the mission of providing Project Management and Contracting services for various projects in the public and private sectors.  Exeqtech  was  established  on the basis of the growing recognition at the time locally and internationally of Project Management as a distinct engineering management discipline. Over the years Exeqtech has evolved into one of the leading  management  firms  in  the region, and has expanded into management contracting and structural design. Exeqtech has built a reputation for performance in the field of Project Management and Contracting.  The key to our success is a corporate philosophy centered around the following principles.

Our Approach 


Commitment to the overwhelming importance of motivated, dedicated staff with a strong sense of responsibility.

The Client

An approach based on sensitivity to the Client’s objectives and constraints in interpreting his requirements

Hands on management

Strong and continuous presence in the field combined with a practical approach to problem solving